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Addiction Treatment Locator, Analysis, and Standards (ATLAS) Tool website to launch, will help peopl

Shatterproof, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the proprietors of the cloud-based platform OpenBeds have combined to develop a free resource to assess the needs of an individual with addiction and provide guidance on the most appropriate type of treatment.

The Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment is a 13-question survey that can be completed by the individual in need of treatment or a loved one. It will be embedded within the ATLAS addiction treatment locator, analysis and standards website that is scheduled to launch later this month.

Questions on the assessment survey cover a variety of factors, including substance use, behaviors and environment, using that input to produce a recommendation on the level of care at which an individual seeking treatment should start.

“Treatment for substance use disorder is not one size fits all,” Shatterproof founder and CEO Gary Mendell said in a news release. “Every person has different needs when it comes to addiction treatment, and by helping to identify the appropriate level of care, we can greatly increase the chances of success.” Read more

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