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  • Ann Tucker

LDH's Office of Behavioral Health Introduces New Initiatives Serving Children and Adolescents

LDH (3/03) | LDH is introducing five initiatives focused on the behavioral health of children and adolescents and their families. These initiatives, titled Services from the Start: Providing Behavioral Health Support for Louisiana Families, focus on improved access to early childhood, adolescent, and family behavioral health services. [...] Recognizing the need to address the behavioral health crisis, OBH is building upon services currently available to Medicaid-eligible children and adolescents through five additional initiatives currently under development through FY 2024:

1: Expanding substance use residential treatment facilities for women and dependent children | Pregnant women, and women with dependent children, are among the most vulnerable of all populations in need of stable residential services for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Louisiana currently has 3 statewide providers. However, in order to geographically diversify and expand capacity of treatment programs that allow children up to 12 years old to accompany their mothers, OBH will identify additional providers to fill statewide gaps in services to establish additional treatment beds. Cont.

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