• Ann Tucker

Louisiana Dept. of Health: New report shows how Medicaid can support children's recovery from pandem

As millions of Americans receive COVID-19 vaccines, data about the impacts of the pandemic is pouring in and it paints a challenging picture of the conditions our children have endured over the last year as well as the emerging needs they will have as the country recovers.

A new report, Medicaid Forward: Children’s Health, by the National Association of Medicaid Directors provides a close look at the realities the country is facing to aid the recovery of its children as well as the innovations Medicaid programs across the country have made and are continuing to make to help millions of these kids. Currently, about two in every five American children rely on Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to get the healthcare they need. This number is even higher in Louisiana, where over half of all children, and about 60% of children under 5, rely on Medicaid or CHIP. Additionally, nearly half of all births in Louisiana are paid for each year by Medicaid.

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