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  • Ann Tucker

Shatterproof/ATLAS Info Session re: Public Comment

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 2021 / 11:00am-12:00pm CT

As ATLAS enters the next year of implementation, Shatterproof is preparing to collect another round of data and update the information displayed in facility profiles. Shatterproof is currently working our state partners to determine when this data collection period will take place. Prior to this, Shatterproof requests your feedback on how the ATLAS survey instrument and data collection process might be improved in 2021. Public comment is an opportunity for providers, health plans, purchasers, consumers and other stakeholders to provide feedback on various aspects of the ATLAS platform. The public comment period will focus specifically on the measures and collection process of the 2021 ATLAS Treatment Facility Survey, which acts as a primary source of data to populate treatment facility profiles on the ATLAS website. This informational session will be for anyone interest in learning about ATLAS and the Treatment Facility Survey Measures. Register here

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