• Ann Tucker

Tackling America's Mental Health and Addiction Crisis Through Primary Care Integration

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31st / 10:30-11:45am CT

Join the Bipartisan Policy Center for the release of a new report by the BPC’s Behavioral Health Integration Task Force that offers a roadmap to advance the integration of behavioral health and primary care. The recommendations address barriers to integration through improving payment delivery, expanding and training the behavioral health workforce, and removing obstacles to telehealth and technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving mental health problems and surges in drug overdose deaths in the United States. Even before this spike, many people went untreated. This underscores the critical need for more appropriate and timely diagnosis, treatment, and support. In order to meet this growing unmet need for screening and treatment, it is imperative to advance the integration of behavioral health and primary care services. Research shows that integration enhances access to care, improves treatment outcomes, reduces health disparities, and is cost-effective. Read more

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