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  • Ann Tucker

Bipartisan Policy Center (BCP) report: Tackling America's Mental Health and Addiction Crisis Through

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the unmet need for mental health and substance use services in the United States was significant. Alarmingly, less than half of adults with mental health conditions received services in 2019, and the percentage was even lower in Black and Latino communities. As for substance use, nearly 90% of people with a substance use disorder did not receive treatment.

That is why integrating primary and behavioral health care is necessary and would ensure that individuals with behavioral health conditions and comorbid physical health problems receive high-quality access to care. Comorbid behavioral and physical health diagnoses are common. Addressing them together through integration can provide a patient-centered approach that can be cost-effective for payers and providers, reduce health disparities, and improve patient outcomes. Yet, the barriers to integration are substantial. As the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated behavioral health issues in our nation, so has it highlighted the problems inherent in our health care delivery system that make it difficult to respond. Read more

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