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  • Ann Tucker

Comprehensive new report released on strengthening Medicaid program to meet behavioral health needs

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The COVID-19 public health emergency, its economic fallout, and longstanding racial and ethnic inequities are affecting the nation’s mental health and wellbeing. These crises are also destabilizing the behavioral health care system, making it more difficult to meet the increased behavioral health needs of the population. Medicaid and CHIP, as the insurance provider for more than 77 million individuals, including many with complex physical and behavioral health needs, will play a vital role in supporting the recovery of our nation. This framework, crafted by an Executive Working Group of Medicaid leaders and national behavioral health experts convened by the National Association of Medicaid Directors, offers states options to consider to promote the health and wellbeing of members and expand access to behavioral health services. It includes strategies along a continuum of need, ranging from upstream prevention and health promotion for all Medicaid beneficiaries to increasing access to behavioral health treatment for unique subpopulations in Medicaid. Read more

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