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  • Ann Tucker

LDH Issues Gainwell Provider Enrollment Guidance

LDH (11/17) –– Federal laws enforced by CMS require providers who file claims with Louisiana Medicaid to enroll in Medicaid's web-based provider enrollment portal. Providers must submit and have an approved application through the Provider Enrollment portal to prevent claims from denying on January 1, 2023. It is extremely important to act now to avoid disruption in payments. Despite being past the application deadline, the Provider Enrollment Portal remains open for providers required to enroll who have not yet submitted an application. Providers should visit to enroll. Providers will need several data points to complete enrollment, including Louisiana Provider ID, NPI, city, state and zip code. You will not get paid if this doesn’t occur immediately.

If you did not receive a letter or you if you are unsure, check the Provider Portal Enrollment lookup tool to check your status. If you are listed in the lookup tool then action is required. If you are not listed, you will be required to enroll at a later date. Results in the Provider Portal Enrollment Lookup Tool will show the provider’s status as either enrollment complete, action required, appllication not submitted, or currently in process. Providers needing assistance with application and enrollment, a status update on enrollment and/or information on next steps needed to complete the process should contact Gainwell Technologies by email or 1-833-641-2140.

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