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  • Ann Tucker

Louisiana Dept. of Health: Short delay in getting second COVID vaccine dose is fine

Residents who miss their second COVID vaccine dose appointments this week can safely delay the second dose days or weeks if need be. The CDC has said it expects this week’s severe winter weather to cause widespread delays in vaccine shipments. Louisiana is one such state feeling the impact – both first and second vaccine deliveries to the state have been delayed. Unfortunately, that means vaccine appointments and events scheduled for this week will need to be adjusted based on delivery.

So what if your second dose of COVID vaccine is delayed due to vaccine shortages, weather events, or you miss it? What do you do?

If you have received the Moderna vaccine, ideally your second shot should be given 28 days after your first one. If you get the Pfizer vaccine, the second dose should be given 21 days after the first. Just know, in a pinch, you can safely delay the second dose up to 42 days and likely longer after the first dose if need be, according to the CDC. Read more

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