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  • Ann Tucker

New report on evidence-based strategies to address the opioid crisis

A new report, “Evidence-Based Strategies for Abatement of Harms from the Opioid Epidemic,” was recently released, co-authored by several addiction experts from a number of different institutions and supported by Arnold Ventures. As described in a press release from the Legal Action Center, one of the co-authoring organizations: “This report was designed to support and empower state and local officials in making critical funding allocation decisions and inform them on how to reduce the harms of the current epidemic and prevent its further exacerbation. In addition to outlining the scientific support for each recommendation, the authors note the financial impact when various evidence-based strategies to abatement are implemented in jurisdictions.” The major themes covered in the report include: Treatment Components; Harm Reduction; Care for Opioid Use Disorder in the Criminal Justice System; Prevention of Opioid Misuse and its Harmful Effects on Children and Families; Data Infrastructure; and Policy Infrastructure.

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